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With Astro Digital

Libra is a highly usable Landsat imagery browser. Libra allows you to browse, sort, and download more than 275 Terabytes of open Landsat imagery as easily as booking an Uber. NGOs, journalists, and researchers use Libra to find recent imagery or to track changes over time.


Liberating Landsat

Landsat imagery is one of the most valuable open datasets produced by the U.S. Government. Our partners in global development organizations and governments use open satellite imagery to respond to natural disasters, to track deforestation, and to design smarter agriculture policies. Libra makes this powerful resource accessible to more organization by making it radically easier to find, download and begin working with Landsat imagery.

Building a better imagery browser

Libra is a continuation of Development Seed’s ongoing efforts to make satellite imagery more accessible.

Libra was born out of work with Astro Digital to create the most usable imagery browser. Together with Astro Digital, we set the industry standard for usable imagery tools and immediately applied that standard to open satellite data.

Libra benefits greatly from our previous work to created a suite of open source tools to make Landsat data easier to use. Landsat-util and Landsat API automate the process of processing satellite imagery. It used to take all day for Development Seed’s imagery specialists to turn Landsat data into imagery layers for online maps. With these two tools, any developer can do it in a matter of minutes.

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