Geo AI


From helping NASA track hurricanes to mapping every school for UNICEF; we employ cutting edge AI and Computer Vision for the betterment of the planet.

Geospatial AI scans massive planetary datasets to detect trends, track change, find anomalies, and direct attention where it is most critical.

Why it matters

Satellite imagery provides tremendous insights into our rapidly changing planet. Images and data cover the planet daily, and some programs have been collecting data for decades, providing value for understanding and tracking climate change, urban growth, power and transport availability, agricultural production, and much more. The volume, velocity, complexity, and sheer size of this data is more than humans can handle. AI is a critical tool for getting value from this data and makes it actionable.

  • Annotation

    Quality AI starts with pixel perfect training data. Our Annotation Team has created a powerful annotation pipeline that quickly produces superior results.
  • Ethical AI

    We employ AI for the betterment of humanity. We help our partners understand and avoid irresponsible application of AI.
  • Model Development

    We combine that best cutting edge deep learning and traditional computer vision approaches to deliver you a model that you can use for feature detection, change detection, yield or risk prediction.
  • Open AI

    We develop open tools for Geospatial AI; release open training datasets; and produce open, auditable algorithms.
  • Scaling and Infrastructure

    Let us turbocharge your internal ML team. We build cloud infrastructure for model development, evaluation, scaling and production, so that your team can focus on good data science.
  • AI Research

    Our AI R&D team develops novel machine learning and computer vision techniques that deliver better results to your hard AI problems.
  • Human + AI methods

    Our most successful projects provides an "AI Assist" that amplifies the work of human researchers and mappers.

How it works

See how our partners are tackling some of the worlds hardest problems with us.


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