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Development Seed seeks a Product Designer to work closely and collaboratively with our partners to help build data products that deliver impact. Development Seed works in emerging problem spaces like AI, Climate Science, Open Science on the Cloud, Green Energy, Satellites and Space, and Sustainable Agriculture, and you will be actively creating designs with a delivery team on projects, as well as contributing to the design practice at Development Seed.

At its core, Development Seed is an impact-driven organization working to make positive social and environmental change by providing decision-makers with the best data about our planet. We believe in the power of design to enable decision-makers to solve interesting, important, and challenging problems that often explore modes of interaction that have no precedent such as human + AI co-mapping and designing new modes to find and access satellite data.

Development Seed is a unique and rewarding place to do this work. You will be given a lot of autonomy to approach problem solving, and learn through what you help to release. Our technical teams are built of curious, empathetic people with high intrinsic motivation and a growth mindset. We also invest heavily in R&D that drives the field and regularly reinvent the nature of our work.

As A Product Designer:

You will support and advocate for:

  • Discovery research to determine what specific problems to solve for, at what scale, for who, and why? We are not expecting the depth of research skills as we would for a dedicated UX researcher role, but we see research as a foundation for design decision-making.
  • Problem scoping to help make strategic decisions on what boundaries and requirements to consider at the product, UX, and UI level. This is a collaborative effort, but we think it’s important for a designer to be involved and to continuously advocate for user needs.

You will lead in:

  • UX/UI design to translate product and feature level needs towards functional and usable interfaces and interactions that help people accomplish a goal. You will collaborate throughout the project with developers to ensure the design is properly implemented and provide assistance with new/unexpected features.
  • Communication and documentation of design decisions so that internal and external partners can understand why designs resulted in one way vs. other options.

About You:

You are someone who is interested in geospatial design. You want to work as a main designer on projects with partner organizations of various sizes (from NASA and the World Bank to a group of data scientists). You also like to contribute to project activities outside of a strict designer box.

  • 3 to 5 years of professional design experience. You have a good understanding of applying a design process to solve problems using approaches such as Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design.
  • Ability to work with autonomy to make decisions. You can show and explain your decision-making across stages of a design process, and how you adapt an “ideal” process to specific project circumstances.
  • Skills in research (beginner - advanced beginner) + UX and UI (proficient). You can demonstrate that you are disciplined about information gathering before designing, and proficient in using design tools (we’ve been using Miro and Figma) to facilitate stakeholder conversations and build out UI wireframes and mockups that transition into development.
  • Experience in building and shipping applications/software. You can demonstrate how you prioritize problem solving at the product level, and how you collaborate closely with software engineers to understand technical limitations of your design decisions and work towards building solutions that are both user friendly and technically feasible.

You will also bring a lot of value across many projects if you have experience or strong interest in any of the following: design research, visual design, information design, front end development, client or project management.

As a Development Seed team member, you:

  • Collaborate — Working as a team makes us stronger than any individual contributor. You communicate effectively on Slack and in-person.
  • Learn — We constantly evolve our design tools and techniques to deliver the best work to our partners. You don’t need to know any particular design library or toolset upfront but you need to demonstrate you’re able and excited to learn new ways to design.
  • Respect — We are a diverse team spread across the globe. You value other’s perspective, voice, and ideas. You treat everyone with dignity and professionalism.
  • Care about the world and believe that we can do better — Social change is the foundation of everything we do. You are impatient about solving the world’s toughest challenges.

Not sure you tick all the boxes? We encourage you to apply. We have a culture of learning, and if this job description sounds exciting, we’d love to hear from you.

Development Seed embraces diversity and equal opportunity in a serious way. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be.

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