We’re excited to welcome Jamey Smith to Development Seed. Jamey is an expert in problems relating to agriculture. As Development Seed’s AWS Earth Data Fellow, Jamey is building a crop classification model using satellite imagery and machine learning. Jamey is using new methods, such as temporal-based clustering, to innovate in crop classification. Bringing a cross-disciplinary background, Jamey’s work is motivated by an understanding of the criticality of crop classification and yield prediction in providing financial products such as insurance to small-scale producers in developing economies.

Jamey under cover

Jamey has a depth of experience working in tech advisory, academia, companies providing biofuels and renewable energy sources. He holds an M.S. in International Agricultural Development from the University of California, Davis, and a B.A. in Biological Sciences and Environmental Studies from Connecticut College.

Outside of work, Jamey is passionate about bread. Not just any bread, the good stuff: naturally leavened, wet doughs, dark bakes. Humans should spend more time cooking and eating together.

Welcome to the team, Jamey!

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