Sajjad Anwar is joining Development Seed! Sajjad will lead the development of products that puts open data into the hands of governments and institutions. He has a long history of working to make OpenStreetMap (OSM) platform more robust and OSM data more accurate. Sajjad comes to us from Mapbox, where he helped to build their data team and led the development of Mapbox products for mapping and data validation. Previously he built open platforms for natural resource monitoring at Moabi and data infrastructure for large scale accountability initiatives.

I’m delighted to welcome Sajjad to the team. Sajjad will immediately contribute on helping governments manage road and energy infrastructure and ramping up Development Seed’s Data Team. His passion for open geodata will give us even more points of engagement with communities like OSM and HOT.

Welcome to the team Sajjad!

Sajjad rooting for OpenStreetMap at the geographic center benchmark of the Great Trigonometric Survey of India.

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