Culture is everything to us – especially as we continue to grow. This summer, Eric Miller, Alex Kappel, and Yuriy Czoli are joining us to expand our team of subject matter experts, designers, developers, and strategists.

Eric hails from Pittsburgh where he graduated from Carnegie Mellon University recently. He has programmed for a wide range of projects from biomedical research to web development. He is diving into our technology stack and helping us build more impactful tools.

Alex adds his expertise to our growing satellite imagery work. He is helping us to improve analysis and build open source workflows with rich experience in environmental sciences and remote sensing.

Yuriy is a GIS analyst with a strong spatial research background from Toronto. His interest in urban-political issues has shaped his ability to offer analysis and solutions to real conflicts with GIS techniques.

We're a team of engineers and designers working on big projects. We believe in open source and in building for lasting impact.

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