We’ve just released MapBox for iPad 1.2, a free app that lets you use your own KML and GeoRSS data on custom maps on the iPad. The new release has a number of improvements to the app’s overall behavior and performance, chief among these being much better KML overlay support, as we’re constantly improving our KML parser for iOS.

New release of the MapBox app for the iPad

We’ve added some nice touches in this version, like automatically zooming to the bounds of overlay tile layers when they are turned on. This helps you get oriented when you are working with tile layers that don’t cover the whole planet, something that could be confusing previously since you might not necessarily see a layer get enabled if you were zoomed in somewhere else. We also focused on improving performance when many data layers are enabled, and fixed bugs related to non-point-based layers such as lines and polygons drawn on the map from KML.

A lot of little bug fixes round out this release, which is focused on making the current iteration of the app the best that it can be. We welcome your feedback, either here in the comments or you can leave us a review on the App Store page for the app.

Here are full release notes for this version. Enjoy!

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