At tonight’s Portland area Open Source Geospatial User Group, I will present on the new MapBox iPad app that allows you to interact with custom maps on the iPad. I’ll start off demoing the app - pulling up custom maps on an iPad, adding data to them, saving them, and sharing them - and will then talk about where the app is headed. I’ll be working with Development Seed over the next couple months to improve the app, so you can expect to see more features and improvements to it out soon. I’ll end by talking a bit about MapBox itself, which provides a suite of open source mapping tools that make it easier to create and integrate custom maps into your web properties, and about how you can use tiles offline via MBtiles.

I’m looking forward to showing off the app to the OSGIS folks, and particularly in getting feedback and ideas for feature development. The meetup will take place tonight, January 26, 2011 at 6:30 pm at OpenSourcery’s offices at 1636 NW Lovejoy Street in Portland.

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