We just released Nice Map for WordPress, a plugin that makes it easy for bloggers to put their existing geotagged posts on beautiful, custom maps. Like Nice Map for Drupal, this plugin is a WMS client – it can get maps from any of the numerous WMS-compliant servers on the web. In the process of making the port, we’ve made the WMS client itself into an independent library that’s easy to drop into any other CMS – details on this soon.

Watch this screencast for an example of how you can install and use the module:

Nice Map for WordPress is built to use existing geo-data. Currently, it’s compatible with WP-Geo and geo-mashup, so you can get a new view of months of geotagged posts. Like WP-Geo and geo-mashup, you can set Nice Map to automatically append or prepend maps to geotagged content, or you can manually add a tag to your templates so that maps are exactly where you want them. The module also provides a template tag and a shortcode for quickly plotting points within content.

If you’ve been geotagging posts in WordPress or would like to start, check out the module (and update it often) – you’ll be surprised at the possibilities of maps that can perfectly fit your site’s look and show data that you would never find on a basic map.

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