Since March 2011, local organizations in Syria and international NGOs have documented the destruction, torture and massacres enforced primarily against civilians by the military. The site briefs viewers on this conflict by mapping these data sets, collected by organizations such as the Center for Documentation of Violations in Syria.

We created a data narrative by underlining the four most prominent forms of human rights abuses across a timeline. Representative events for each category are featured along with a relevant YouTube video, like Human Rights Watch's interview shown below of a woman who found the bodies of her two sons after the military raided her home.

Charts below the map display aggregate casualties and refugees registered through UNHCR.

Collaborative Documentation

After briefing viewers on the conflict, the SJAC generates traffic to other data sets and reports on Syria through its data page. This list is continually updated with verified organizations. Currently represented are Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, UNHCR, and Syrian Network of Human Rights. Soon to come are embedded reports powered by Document Cloud.

Built with Jekyll

The static site generator, Jekyll, enables us to build this highly interactive and data rich site without any expensive database dependencies. Multi-language sites are created within the same directory by tagging pages with a language, avoiding code duplication.

Abstracting site content through APIs

This site combines MapBox, YouTube, Tumblr and Google charts to illustrate multiple angles on the conflict. Leveraging these APIs abstracts data and blog updates from the site directory itself.


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