Development Seed builds tools to solve problems with data.

We're mapping elections from Afghanistan to the United States, analyzing public health and economic data from Palestine to Illinois, and leading the strategy and development behind,, and Pillbox. While our projects can be both big and small -- they are always impactful.

We build meaningful software by working in a highly integrated way with our partners to solve complex challenges. We are tasking satellites, mounting sensors, flying drones and using mobile phones to collect, process and analyze data. Our team is made up of strategists, designers, analysts, and developers, giving us a high degree of agility to build tools and highly performant web applications.

At our core, we are engineers and strategists helping navigate the opportunities and challenges of the latest technologies. We constantly tackle emerging real-world problems and continuously invest in our technology and our team to build the best solutions for our partners.

Impactful Data

We work with every imaginable type of data, from modeling algorithms, to ebola disease tracking, to real-time polling data. We combine and analyze data to derive insight and build tools that tell powerful stories. We push open data as a tool to drive social and economic development, while we also build systems that protect private and sensitive data. We invest in critical data infrastructure such as OpenStreetMap and work with data providers to offer open data and tools that are useful and powerful.

Satellites and sensors

From analyzing real time satellite imagery to processing live data from mobile phones, our tools track timely information on populations and the planet. We harness data responsibly to help our partners respond to disasters, protect rain forests, track conflict, and prepare for climate change.

Open source innovation

We enjoy working with the best people to solve emerging challenges. We build and contribute to open source tools and help grow open source communities. This means working in the open on github and working with our partners to build strategies to build in the open.

Learn more about our team and our projects, or find out about our latest work and events on the blog.


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