Development Seed is an integrated team of strategists, designers, and developers based in Washington DC.

We help empower citizens and organizations with tools and data to solve complex issues and make better decisions. As a small team we have implemented some of the largest development projects. Our agile approach has been refined over years of experience building open source and highly performant web applications.

Our work runs the spectrum of identifying key problems, strategizing opportunities, building solutions, and designing communications. At our core, we are engineers building incredibly fast and flexible open source tools that provide the foundation for our solutions. This approach allows us to tackle large scale projects in record time, whether that’s taking the World Bank from concept to site launch with, helping Internews and NAI expose patterns of violence against journalists on the ground in Afghanistan, or building, the United Nations Development Programme's flagship project portal.

Learn more about our team and our projects, or find out about our latest work and events on the blog.


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